…they live on forever.

Join us for the

Ideas Don’t Die

Awards Show!

Experience the power of creative expression: Join us for our live awards show as we showcase the winning music, short films, and 2D art submissions!

When: January 25th, 2021 at 2:00pm US Eastern Standard Time

Where: The Freedom Initiative’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages 

Awards in each category:

First Place: $2,500   •    Second Place $1,000   •    Third Place $500

Thank you for your interest in the #IdeasDontDie Creative Contest!
Submissions are now closed.

About Ideas Don’t Die

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, The Freedom Initiative held a Creative Contest asking creatives to use the power of expression to honor the revolution. The Ideas Don’t Die Awards Show will be a live virtual event where the winners of the Creative Contest will be announced and their creative work showcased!

Ten years ago, millions gathered all across Egypt, demanding “bread, freedom, and social justice!” These were Egyptians from a range of socio-economic and religious backgrounds who came together for the same dream. The protests focused on a wide range of issues, including police brutality, civil liberties, corruption, high unemployment, inflation, and inequality. As the protests grew, the chants set their sights on ending the decades-long rule of the family of Hosni Mubarak and their cronies.

These Egyptians were among millions across the region who risked their lives to come to the streets and demand their rights. In Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and across the Middle East and North Africa, many lost their lives and many continue to sacrifice, sitting in prison cells or scattered in exile, simply for dreaming of freedom.

While their governments tried to crush them, their ideas remain alive…because Ideas Don’t Die.

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